[2022 AWARD WINNING PAPER] Inactivation of anisakis larva using pulsed power technology and quality evaluation of horse mackerel meat treated with pulsed power

2022 Award of Excellence for the Science Papers

Fish Sci (2022) 88:337–344
DOI: https://doi.org/10.1007/s12562-022-01593-2


Chinari Onitsuka, Kengo Nakamura, Douyan Wang, Mikiya Matsuda, Ritsuo Tanaka, Yoichi Inoue, Rieko Kuroda, Takayuki Noda, Kenji Negoro, Takayasu Negoro & Takao Namihira


Anisakis is a parasite that is found in many marine products and can cause anisakiasis when present in fish consumed raw. The most common way to prevent anisakiasis is to freeze the fish, but this causes a noticeable decrease in the quality of the fish when eaten as sashimi. Although no practical method of killing anisakis other than freezing has been found, we have now succeeded in inactivating anisakis inside the fish meat by repeatedly and instantaneously applying electric current to the fish meat using pulsed power technology. The fish meat was placed in buffer saltwater, and pulsed power was applied multiple times. The immobilization rate was highest when the buffer saltwater was 5 mS/cm. The immobility ratio increased as the number of shots increased. Sensory evaluation of the fish meat after the pulse treatment confirmed that it retained its quality as sashimi. Breaking tests and color measurements were also conducted. We believe that this pulsed power treatment is a useful alternative to freezing as a method for killing anisakis.


Anisakis / Anisakiasis / Sashimi / Pulsed power / Raw fish / Pulsed current / Sensory evaluation / Parasite

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