[OPEN ACCESS] Recent research on factors influencing the quality of frozen seafood

Fish Sci (2020) 86:231–244


Naho Nakazawa, Emiko Okazaki


In this review, recent findings related to various factors influencing quality properties of fish meat and its products during frozen storage are introduced. Many studies have indicated that protein denaturation is the factor determining the quality of frozen fish meat. Ice crystal size does not necessarily determine the quality of frozen fish meat because the tissue of meat reabsorbs water during the thawing process, unless it has been previously damaged by protein denaturation. However, the effects of ice crystals on the quality of thawed fish meat differ based on the fish species, post-mortem stages, protein denaturation, and processing conditions of the fish meat. In the case of frozen-thawed lightly salted fish meat, salting conditions greatly affect the water holding capacity of muscle and the ice crystal size. Also, in the case of frozen kamaboko, which is denatured protein gel, as the thawed water is not absorbed enough by the protein gel, ice crystal size could be a determining factor of quality. The appropriate freezing and storage conditions required for maintaining quality must be based upon the characteristics of each seafood product.


Drip loss / Storage temperature / Protein denaturation / Thawing / Preservation / Ice crystal formation / Seafood

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