The 3rd Joint Symposium of Japan-Korea-China on Fisheries Science

“Current status of research on fishery resources in East Asia”

Date: September 25th (Fri), 2015, Sendai City

Venue: Room 401(The 3rd Presentation Room), Lecture Rooms A Building, Kawauchi Kita Campus, Tohoku University


9:30-9:40 Opening remark: Shuichi Satoh (TUMSAT)
9:40-10:10 Jung Nyum Kim (NFRDI): Chirostylid and Galatheid crustaceans (Decapoda: Anomura) of Korea
10:10-10:40  Huang Shoulin (Shanghai Ocean Univ.): Recent developments of Chinese fisheries
10:40-11:10  Wongyu Park (Pukyong National Univ.): Population structure and life history of Neomysis awatschensis (Crustacea: Mysidae) in Jeju Island, Korea
11:10-11:40  Hee Yong Kim (NFRDI): Change of bio-physical environment in the period of coastal recruitment of jack mackerel, Trachurus japonicus
11:40-12:10  Satoshi Katayama (Tohoku Univ.): Fluctuation pattern and fisheries management strategies of coastal resources
12:10-13:00  Lunch Break
13:00-13:30   Zhong Junsheng (Shanghai Ocean Univ.): The importance of the early fishery resources protection in the Yangtze Estuary and adjacent sea area
13:30-14:00  Hiroshi Okamura (FRA): Fisheries stock assessment and management in Japan
14:00-14:30 Dai Xiaojie (Shanghai Ocean Univ.): Catch rate and stock analysis of blue shark in the Pacific Ocean with Chinese fishery data
14:30-15:00 Tomowo Watanabe (FRA): Radioactive cesium in marine organisms around Japan
15:00-15:30  Open discussion
15:30-15:40 Closing remark: Atsushi Hagiwara (Nagasaki Univ.)