Cancellation of the 2020 JSFS Spring Meeting

Due to the current outbreak and spread of coronavirus disease (COVID-19) in Tokyo, the Society JSFS decided to cancel all events planned during the period of the Spring Meeting 2020 at Tokyo University of Marine Science and Technology from March 26th to 30th.

Although details will be later announced after gaining an approval of the Society directorial board on coming March 11th, we here briefly set our basic follow-up plans for this cancellation.

  • Although sessions of oral/poster presentation are cancelled, the Society prints copies of session abstracts and later mail them to all registrants of the meeting.
  • By the publication of this abstract book, the Society deems that the Spring meeting has been held and officially qualifies all presentations as contributed works to the meeting.
  • Already collected registration fees is not to be refunded to payers, but is to be used for the above-mentioned purposes (, and some part of the money has already been consumed for the preparation of the meeting), which is the same as the fees from contributors of the SDG English session.
  • However, the Society agrees to refund the fee for the social meeting (banquet) on the March 28 evening. The society will shortly give an instruction for the refund procedure to those signed up for the social event.
  • No withdrawal of the abstract and refusal of the contribution is accepted, for the copies of the abstract book are currently at press.

We are very much sorry for this causing many troubles and inconvenience to all participants and contributors of the meeting.

Further new information will appear in

Prof. Toyoji Kaneko
Chair of the 2020 JSFS Spring Meeting